RPC pretends to simulate a Beatbox Loop Control Machine. You can manage each pad individually, with the arrows on the right and with the volume controls. The information about the pad will appear on the screen above, and the selected one will have the white square in the middle.

The RPC is divided into 4 lines of different kinds of sounds. To activate and deactivate a loop, click on the pad. When a loop is selected, the pad will light up. The loop will keep going until the same pad is selected again, or if the stop button is pressed. BREAK button allows you to instantly pause all the activated loops, until you click it again. You can also control the pads via keyboard, with 1, 2, 3, 4 / Q, W, E, R / A, S, D, F and Z, X, C, V.

You can record a session, make your own mix, save it and share it. To record, press REC button, and to stop recording, press STOP. After you`ve recorded a set / sequence, press SAVE and you`ll be presented with sharing options. To check what you have created, open the URL in another window and press PLAY.

All loops were recorded by RIZUMIK, with Shira Averbuch (in NY), and mastered by Shai Fishman (in LA).
The audio content will change, occasionally, so check the website regularly for updates.

Most of all, have fun!

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